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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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graduate it from -- he was a philanthropist. he was a world-renowned faberge collector. he was a lover of the fine arts. he also wrote some books. one is survived by many relatives.
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he was a well-known san franciscan who will be sorely missed. >> i am introducing legislation to address some of the issues and have seen around economic development and job growth. this is a quarter that has long been neglected was for my district. the sunset addresses and job growth -- and it offers a six- year tax exemption to net new
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jobs in the city of san francisco how to businesses that are willing to move to midtown. this is an area that we've attempted to revitalize for decades. this has existing infrastructure. we have a bike lanes. there are many bus lines that run to the neighborhood. there are is also large vacant commercial real estate. we encourage innovative business activities in san francisco. this area has report and can absorb many new jobs. this is a partnership. this is a partnership where we help growing businesses and the businesses help the neighborhoods that need a support. we expect that this legislation will lead to a rise in property
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value. i would like to think the mayor's office who has been working on this legislation. we have been in negotiation over this and also we a potential tenants coming into the neighborhood. one person interested in coming in under this legislation is twitter. we are excited because this company was grown here in san francisco and they would like to stay. we would -- we are excited that they not only want to invest the but they also want to partner
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with community-based organizations. this is around workforce development initiatives. and commitment to contract locally for various services, a commitment to encourage their workers to utilize area amenities. also a partnership with the university. we are working hard to make sure that we put together a package that gives more support for communities in that area. and we will be introducing this legislation today and i just wanted to think other supervisors who may have signed
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off. we were negotiating this probably up until 20 minutes ago. >> -- about the legislation we are introducing. i am proud to have work with a co-sponsor that will hopefully move forward neighborhoods around the central market area that happen to sit vanish for decades. we have known that our tax has been a job-killer. this situation has been brought back from an hour conversation with other businesses it is preached that we have legislation to adapt our payroll tax to the varying needs of that neighborhood. this is important now and i hope that many of you will consider
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co-sponsoring it. i have two other items in that i will be introducing. the first is an ordinance to implement questions for the mayor. 60% of the voters approved a charter amendment that requires the mayor to appear monthly at meetings of this body. today, i am introducing an ordinance to implement this policy which is about transparency, and good government, and open dialogue. this was drafted in consultation with the mayor's office as provided in the charter asw as the clerk's office. we can always ask the mayor questions and our conversations as supervisors.
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the voters want these questions and others to be given and for answers received and public. people are not looking for question time to be just an exchange of sound bites. the language is clear, the purpose is to engage in formal policy discussions. questions will be given in advance. these questions will be listed on the board agenda so the public has noticed and can know what the subject of the upcoming dialogue is. collins, a look forward to work with you to make these a rally
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-- reality. the first question time could happen on march 8th. the second item concerns a subject related to a resolution we are considering around janitorial staff that one-celled van ness. the custodians of lost jobs because the city brought a new contractor. many of us are working to make this unfortunate situation better. i have been working with stakeholders to take a close ally as some of our policies related to cantorial and other service workers. ms. includes help the security, the worker security act.
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i look forward to working with you and others to make sure that our lowest-paid workers have the projections and the plane feel they deserve. >> today, i am introducing legislation that would legalize a temporary below market rental of payments for those said it is chris can -- that have been displaced by disasters. this is an amendment to the administrative code.
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i've been working closely with the tenants union and other groups. late last week, we had a series of -- resulting in this place and of a number of tenants. nor looking to find affordable or has is for these people. i would like to think the department association for stepping up and helping him.
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we could have been much worse the situation and as we know from the earthquake is. and we need to provide property owners with a gang units and the ability to enter into a temporary, below market rental agreements so we can quickly find replacement housing abou. it this measure will allow a tenant to enter into a temporary agreement for up to one year with an option to extend. the brand offered will have to be the rent that the tenant was pain or up to 10%.
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what this will do is to provide certainty to the property owners and encourage them to make the basic units available knowing that a tenant will either leave or will enter into a new agreement with the landlord. i do this measure as a critical the earthquake-preparedness measure to make sure that we can house people who are displaced. i am introducing the legislation today. i have an in memorial for --
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and courageous crusader for gay rights. kato them was a high-school teacher and someone who was willing to go into a jail cell to protect the welfare of those who are accused of being lgbt. i asked that we adjourn this meeting in memory of mr. kato. his life was taken from him on january 28th. this was after it is cheaper rant and anti-gay diatribe with his picture on it. we are diminished by his lost
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and asked that we adjourn his memory. thank you. >> i would like to recognize the passing of local jazz great. on he was born in miklin, pennsylvania. he was the youngest son in a musical family. many of his family embers were professional musicians. during world war ii, he served in the navy at the -- aerostation in hawaii. he attended san francisco state where he earned a music to be --
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a music program. his talent was readily called upon by ellises gerald, tony bennett, and many others. he also earned a master's degree in education from san francisco state and enjoyed a parallel career with the school district. he dedicated himself to music and supporting -- he will be missed by his wife and his brother rick wayne, his children.
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next, i am submitting an ordinance that reforms the planning code so that it is easier for -- to be able to relocate and that our neighborhood serving, small car from a. they're looking at a process which is a thin an ordinance -- onerous code. this increases the size units for the commercial district in which it is located.
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it removes the prohibition on small retail stores using toasters or microwave ovens to prepare food which has been a prohibition. this deserves the specialize russia controls, especially as it is outlined by position g i believe this will foster the growth and grow the economy. >> think you. -- thank you. >> at a point of the resolution is that we have declared of
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timber 22nd, 2007, as -- the last point i wanted to make was simply to think the mayor for coming out of the weekend. people were very appreciative to see the mayor where we went. i would like to think him for his efforts to reach out. >> we had a town hall meeting and we had 162 people come out. this is a wonderful and diverse
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representation of district 5. this was to discuss the challenges of public safety. there has been concerns. people are really on it. the new house staff were impressed at how it engaged our committee is because the solutions have been community- driven. there needs to be follow-up and questions about getting people jobs and job training and dealing with the larger problems that continue to help induce problems and sustain those who take it like a crime verses alternatively not need to be stepped up their game in the city working with the kennedys and that will be our next town hall. >> that concludes roll call for introductions. >> thank you. i would like to move to the special order related to the
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infrastructure financing districts as proposed. >> i submit. i was not called. >> item 9 is the use of guideline resolutions. item 10, resolution approving the official for financing plan. item 11, hearing of persons interested in are objecting to the proposed legislation. item 12 proposes the infrastructure district. item 13, an intention to issue
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bonds. 14, a special election for the financing district. 15, declaring the results of special election for the city and financing district. 16, an ordinance creating an infrastructure financing district and adopting an of the structure planned. 17 is resolution authorizing the issuance of bonds for the city and county of san francisco pertaining to the district. but >> we have a number of items before us related to the creation of a financing district. these items will allow the city to commit a portion of the property tax revenues. the plan has been prepared and made available to the public. these items must be taken one at a time and ordered to authorize the issuance of the bonds. let me refer us to like the
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elephant, open up the hearing. i understand that we have ever is additive to provide a staff report. >> afternoon. i am here today to briefly summarize the legislative package. i will refrain from doing an extensive presentation. this package would create
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citywide policy guidelines -- future use throughout san francisco. it would approve and form the district specific to rincon hill. this promise has been made to other neighborhoods. if approved, this policy guidelines and this pilot project would serve as a model for other neighborhoods that have been willing to step rezoning. this will allow us to finance was necessary, indeed final to make this livable and vibrant.
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for those seven not been privy to the presentation, and touching on the guidelines included in the first resolution. the infrastructure finance districts are tax financing that redevelopment. there simply tools and they are not individual entities that are outside of the board. the funds might only find public facilities and the capital cost.
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revenues may be pledged to tax- exempt bonds and they might be used as a 8 pay as you go basis. the proceeds may be spent anywhere in the city. they might include non contiguous properties. they are formed by a vote. any beneficiary of our tax have an automatic opt out position. none of them ready will be
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diverted to to the fund unless the consent. they hold full discretion over individuals. there is no requirement that the revenues ever be used. why are we proposing the use of an ifd/ this is our effort to make the proposal real. we as a city proposing ambitious plans, most of which are severely under budget. the pilot -- would provide that missing gap between what the impact fees can pay for and what
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remains. in this case, about $15 million. in sum, what we would like to see these used for are a smart growth carrots. all line to bring that important for structure. in addition, we hope to leverage more money from inside of the city. the these could allow the city to come bring more to the table and get more in return. if used strategically, they could jump-start the private investment in neighborhoods and exhilarate the -- and accelerate growth. this was sent a signal to private investors that the city
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is serious about providing the infrastructure that was promised. the if we are successful, they could see this as a framework for fiscal planning when we do the next land use planning. we could do an analysis concurrently with our review in our public outreach efforts and give the public a clear sense of what moneys are actually available to fund the infrastructure that said many of our communities want. -- that so many of our communities want printemp. the policies were crafted by committee which was composed by representatives of the budgets, comptrollers, planning department, and our office as well as four public stakeholders.
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a member of the market activity had -- in line and a member of the -- we tried to be as repetitive as possible. we drafted these to protect the general fund and i cannot emphasize that enough. if you ask any neighborhood if they would like a greater share of the general fund revenues, i think probably every neighborhood would say yes. we need to be very judicious about how we employees. these policies would limit the use of ifd's in the future.


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